Interior Revivals, LLC believes great design should be a reflection of the client, not the designer

One of the most complicated tasks anyone can undertake is the design of a home or office. With the wide variety of choices available today, it takes detailed expertise to put together the home or office of your dreams.

Interior Revivals, LLC has the knowledge, experience, and passion to make that dream a reality. Your office is a direct expression of you, and determines the attitude and persona of your business. Your home is a more personal statement, affecting not just you, but your most important people, your family.

Home is more than the components

Your home is your sanctuary, a place to find comfort and relaxation for you and your family. Beauty, functionality and aesthetics must be carefully merged to provide a comfortable environment. By partnering with you in creating your distinctive personal environment, Interior Revivals, LLC can transform your house into a home you can truly enjoy.

Office efficiency starts with good design

We believe an office is more than a place to work. It is a statement of what your business stands for and communicates. The design, layout and even the colors will determine how efficienty the business is run. More importantly, the interior design also reflects the feeling of confidence and capability the business expresses.

Beth Leas is a professional member of ASID, who has many years of experience in providing customized solutions for her clients. Some designers are known for a particular style, but a great design should be a reflection of the client, not the designer.

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